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About me

I began my photographic career during the swinging sixties, and yes, we were working with film and large format technical equipment such as Swiss Sinar and all the way down to Hasselblad and Rolleiflex.

My influencers were Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, John French and Ansel Adams. I absorbed the work of these famous photographers as much as I could and tried to develop my “own way of seeing”*.

After ten years I expanded my horizons to encompass design and creative direction in many forms and travelled the world.

I am now returning to my first passion and have launched this new limited edition, online gallery featuring aspects of my work that will excite and stimulate across a range of subjects and interests.

My philosophy

My philosophy is simple. I believe that great photography is about “Composition, Light and the Moment.”

Without these essential elements I always feel something is missing from the image. In the context of our ever faster moving planet the still image assumes even greater importance in our lives.

Famous photographers “ways of seeing”

NORMAN PARKINSON — high fashion / glamour /effervescence / spirit / sausages
DON MCCULLIN — reportage / courage / lead from the front / determination
HELMUT NEWTON — the shock of the new / B&W / ‘importance of the page’ / rude / nude
RICHARD AVEDON — fashion on location / the beach / the street / the circus
IRVING PENN — the north light / ‘beyond any other illumination’ / portraits for all time
DAVID BAILEY — defined an era / ‘all photo blokes wanted to be DB’
ANSEL ADAMS — B&W / high contrast / tonal range / the American west / large format
ANNIE LEIBOVITZ — classicist / an astute observer of popular culture / ‘en vogue’

Corporate space

This selection is designed to aid those in corporate settings, be they marketing directors, facility managers, asset or estate managers etc.

Whether your company is in finance, banking, insurance, information technology, commerce, property development or indeed any commercial enterprise, I believe a relevance will be found.

Should you require response to a brief or a consultative input please get in touch and you will garner a focused determination.

Private space

My private space collection can help to provide a focal point within your home and complete your look.

Provide the Focal Point / The Serious Collectors’ Addition / Illustrate the Context / The Conversation Piece / Complete the Look / Crystallise the Memory / Change the Mood / Match the Curtains.

Public space

Whether it is for a municipal building, terminal, hotel, town hall, etc, images here are a guide to help refine your search.

Limited editions

Finishes and Frames


Certificate of authenticity


Delivery & Returns

Limited editions

We present here a strictly limited number of images of 950 prints worldwide in the smaller format to 100 only for the largest - once they are gone they are gone for ever.

Just as FERRARI limited the production of the DINO 246 to 4000 units and PORSCHE produced only 323 units of the 959; these became highly sort after collectors’ items. The Pop artist Andy Warhol introduced the concept of multiple copies of the same image back in the sixties in response to the march of consumerism and these now command huge sums whereas the originals are priceless.

In my case, for example, the limited-edition photograph — ‘ANGEL EYES after LEONARDO’ is offered here for comparatively modest sums; whereas outright purchase of the copyright would cost the buyer £5,000,000, and I predict, be familiar to future generations.

OBOE 24x36cm 950 Numbered Prints Worldwide
PRIMA 30x42cm 750 Numbered Prints Worldwide
ALTO 40x60cm 650 Numbered Prints Worldwide
CELLO 60x90cm 500 Numbered Prints Worldwide
ULTRA 80x120cm 400 Numbered Prints Worldwide
MAGNUM 100x150cm 200 Numbered Prints Worldwide
OPUS 120x180cm 100 Numbered Prints Worldwide

Finishes and Frames


With the new Professional Archive photo paper, the volume of the colour space has been increased significantly and darker and saturated colours in particular are more brilliant and depicted with more detail.

Through the increased dynamic range and increased maximum density our prints appear more vivid and rich in contrast to conventional photo prints.

Even the modern LED lights now in wide use cannot do these Ultra HD prints harm- an improved resistance to light that ensures the true colours last and last.

So, in sum:


PRINTS using the Next Evolution of Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima Paper on an Aluminium Mount - This is an amazing technology developed by FUJIFILM of Japan, that delivers truly outstanding quality to the finished photographic print; and I use it exclusively at Adstills.art.


If a photograph is to be framed and displayed with a border, I believe that it is better to present the image against a neutral border. So I generally prefer a mid grey colour as opposed to white as the stark contrast detracts from the photograph. (If you insist on a white mount, leave a note in the checkout).

In the same way that you might get for example flair from a light.

The border is there to separate the image from the surroundings and to give it space - it should not disturb the image’s impact on the viewer.

And yes, I know that this has become a ubiquitous method of doing it : particularly with the monochrome image - it has its place, but my responsibility is to give the serious collector my best as I see it.

Certain works at generally larger sizes work well with no border - Piet Mondrian insisted on no framing for his picture plane works, and one would never see a Mark Rothko colour field painting displayed with an edge. However, I have selected just two frames that I feel complete the presentation but don’t interfere with the art work.


The first is a simple curved profile of black oak in 20mm and 50mm profiles - classic and unfussy - this is for smaller works.

The other element is called an Artbox frame in either Black or Silver; this allows the image to ‘float‘ - so it separates the image from the background and provides a clean modern look without drawing attention to itself.


To protect the print I recommend acrylic glass in Matte finish.


We are pleased to be working with the world renown photo lab in Germany who will be undertaking all of our print processing. This award-winning organisation will be tasked with the responsibility of producing prints, under our direction, to the highest possible standards.

We have chosen to use their FUJIFILM technological process with Ultra HD which is able to maximise the quality and resolution of the finished image.

Certificate of authenticity

AS proof of originality each limited edition print will be accompanied by a numbered, dated and signed proof of originality by the photographer.

As per the Fraud Act 2006, Section 7 it is mandatory to provide details and exact contact details of the issuer along with the certificate.

As part of legal obligations, this certificate confirms not only originality but also protects its reproduction or redistribution.

Moreover, this certificate verifies that the photographer and its copyrights of the artwork which he has made and if anyone tries to reproduce it or copy it can be prosecuted under law.

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